Stormwater Guidelines

Stormwater Guidelines and Calculator

Click here to view the SFPUC and Port’s Stormwater Management Ordinance. The Stormwater Management Ordinance is effective as May 22nd, 2010.

The San Francisco Stormwater Design Guidelines (Guidelines) describe the requirements for stormwater management in San Francisco and give developers the tools to achieve compliance. The Guidelines were adopted by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission on January 12, 2010.

Stormwater Design Guidelines Documents

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The 2008 Greentech Media Taxonomy
The 2008 Greentech Media Taxonomy

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San Francisco Blue Greenway

Madrina Group advocates for preservation and restoration of San Francisco’s natural environment through education projects such as the Kiosk exhibit on the Blue Greenway. Many environmental and government organizations are tackling challenges to the environment brought on by the demands of San Francisco Bay’s increasing population. We tie their efforts together with our graphic displays to illustrate the relationships between them, and to paint a picture of the future, when all their goals are met.
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Hello neighbors

This is a blog designed to provide background and perspectives from within the warehouse district of San Francisco’s changing, industrial east side. Land use debates over the future of these neighborhoods, at the crossroads of South of Market, the NE Mission and Potrero Hill districts, will impact the City and larger Bay Area for decades to come.

City College will open a new campus on Mission Street this summer ’07, with state of art equipment to train local residents for good paying jobs in the emerging medical and digital technologies at their doorsteps. Yet SF City Planning has just released proposed rezoning plans for the area, promoting auto repair and manufacturing as the economic development strategy for low income residents along San Francisco’s BART line.

The main changes in the proposed new zoning will prevent the development of private housing and knowledge-based businesses in the Mission, in order to encourage owners to sell their land to the City for subsidized housing projects. In a city made up of 2/3 renters, the economy and socio-political structure of San Francisco is extrodinarily complex. As a geologist and environmental assessor, I want to provide an additional perspective on the unintended impacts these land use choices may have.

A unique enclave has evolved from the pioneering efforts of Project Artaud in the 1970s, which became the first legal conversion of warehouses into live/work units in San Francisco.
Land around Franklin Square Park is ground zero for urban planners, because large parcels of land there will have corresponding large impacts on the surrounding neighborhood and City.
Large industrial concerns have dominated the eastern waterfront and inland along railroad spurs, extending deep into historic neighborhoods like the Mission. As technology changes the business…

You can find links to maps and reports by City Planning on our web site.